On Board Courier – Handcarry

Personally accompanied hand carry transport for extremely urgent shipments

For added safety and security, a GLI personally accompanies your shipment every step of the way, from pick up through delivery–managing everything from expedited customs clearance, to immediate rerouting, if needed.

Need to transport an extremely urgent and highly sensitive shipment requiring continuous, personal surveillance?

Our carefully selected international couriers are trained to transport important goods from all kinds of industries by air as passengers. By personally accompanying your goods and using the next available flight on all airlines, we maximize the speed and security of your shipment. OBC (hand carry) stands for maximum speed in combination with the highest security.

We can take care of the packaging and customs clearance ensuring a smooth door-to- door service, giving you complete peace of mind.

Our On-Board Courier Services give you the highest level of security and reliability

24/7 priority pick up and delivery to and from anywhere in the world

Door-to- door same day service in your country and next day delivery to most international locations

An unmatched chain of custody since shipments never leave the hands of GLI USA experts until they are delivered

onboard courier logistics solutions

Next Business Day

Same Day

On Demand

Routed Work


Next Flight Out

Expedited LTL

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