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This expedited service takes advantage of our strong partnerships with all the world’s major airlines, enabling us to map out the most optimal route and ensure customized support and global coverage.

GLI USA has been assisting clients with their mission-critical shipping challenges, transporting their packages and documents swiftly and efficiently.

We specialize in shipping life saving organs and blood for transplant and research, critical lab trial for the bio pharma, medical and manufacturing industries, as well as confidential and valuable items for the legal and entertainment/gaming//media/advertising/ industries. With a focus on providing global logistics.

GLI USA provides door-to- door service

24/7 priority pick up and delivery to and from anywhere in the world

Shipping from anywhere, to anywhere in the world with same day delivery in your country and next day delivery to most international destinations

Individual tracking and detailed information for each shipment from the point of pick up right through to final delivery

Chain of custody to ensure the integrity of your shipment at every step

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Next Flight Out

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